BizTalk Server 2009 R2 renamed to BizTalk Server 2010

On March 22 2010 Microsoft announced to rename the BizTalk 2009 R2 minor release to BizTalk Server 2010 major version. According to Microsoft the BizTalk 2009 R2 version was to support Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2 and VS 2010 but now more functionality has been added to the product on the basis of customer demands.

Lets see what Microsoft has added to the BizTalk 2010 version and I will be waiting for the evaluation version to be released. There were not any major features added to the product in the 2009 version. The major update was in the BizTalk 2006 version and the R2 version with more adapters and adapter with WCF.

I am hoping that the new version offers features like Orchestration debugging in VS2010, more out of the box pipeline components and an option to totally bypass the message box in the orchestration. I have a wishlist which keeps on going.

3 Responses to BizTalk Server 2009 R2 renamed to BizTalk Server 2010

  1. Thanks for the post
    any expected release date for BizTalk 2010? will we have a compatible ESB release?

  2. Abdul Rafay says:

    There is no news at the moment for the release or any features. But we do know that 2010 will be out and providing more features and enhancements. We have to wait for the release to explore the features.

  3. Brandon says:

    What updates (if any) have been made to the SAP Adapter in BizTalk 2010?

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