Message Debatching – Values not being mapped in a Transformation – Null Values in Destination Schema

Last week I was getting a response from a service which returned a record. I was simply using xpath function and assigning each record into a destination message. Then I used a transformation shape to map 3 messages source messages to the response message. One of the message was which was assigned a record from the response and the message was being constructed successfully as I was logging the message and saw it in the Orchestration Debugger. But after the Transformation the values were NULL.


 All was missing was the namespace in the message and my message type wasn’t correct. If the message types are not correct you will get the following exceptions if you are sending a message to a port. But in my case I wasn’t  🙂

 Inner exception: Received unexpected message type does not match expected type http://Namespace#RootNode. Exception type: UnexpectedMessageTypeException

 Well just give your message the appropriate type and you are done. Well it was simple and it wasted 2 hours of mine 😦

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