Microsoft MVP in BizTalk Server

Everyone who becomes MVP for the first time has blogged about it for sharing his thoughts and commitment to the community. This is the first time I am honoured by Microsoft with the MVP award for my contributions to the community via my blog and BizTalk Server forums. I will be working more deeply with the technology and with the fellow BizTalk server MVPs.

Its a great feeling and pleasure to be an MVP and getting recognized for serving the community.  I will strive to continue my support and commitment to the BizTalk community via my blog. This year I plan to start a user group here in UAE and have a few webcasts related to BizTalk and SOA.

I thank Microsft, fellow MVPs and my peers for the award.

15 Responses to Microsoft MVP in BizTalk Server

  1. Talha Aziz says:

    hey congratz bro 🙂

  2. Mohammad Saad Shakil says:

    Congrats Abul Rafay on becoming MVP

  3. Abdul Rafay says:

    Thank you guys, Thanks Richard you and your blog have been an inspiration for me.

  4. Congrats man! CYA at the Summit.

  5. Alan Smith says:

    Congraulations Abdul. If you would like me to host any of your webcasts on CloudCasts please let me know.


  6. Abdul Rafay says:

    Thanks I look forward to attend the summit and see you guys there. Alan I will surely be having some webcasts related to BizTalk and will host on your site.

  7. Adil Mughal says:

    Hey Congratulations! Your contribution are inspiring! Keep up the great work (Y). Any intention to attend MVP Summit 2010 in Feb?

  8. Arjumand says:

    Congrats bro, may Allah always bless you and be with you in all you do.

  9. Shaharyar Khalid says:


  10. UMAIR AHMED says:

    Congratulation Bro(y)

  11. Ben Cline says:

    Congrats on the MVP award! Its a fun program.

  12. Congratulations, well done!

  13. Raja Kumaravel says:

    Congrats! Sweet News…

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