BizTalk 2010 Cookbook Released

I am very happy to announce that BizTalk 2010 Cookbook written by a great MVP Steef Jan is released.

He has done a marvelous job writing this book, the contents of the book can be viewed at Packt Website.

The book is mainly for Developers and Administrators who can gain their knowledge in Development, Maintaining, Monitoring & Deployment of BizTalk Solutions. The book has step by step implementations (recipe) of BizTalk Solutions which follows industry best practices & patterns.

I had the honor to be one of the official technical reviewer of the book along with Randal van Splunteren, Sandro Pereira & Rene Brauwers

I have enjoyed reviewing the book specially the recipes related to Monitoring and deployment, of which most of the developers and administrators are unaware.

Congratulations Steef, it has been an outstanding effort from you authoring the book so well.


5 Responses to BizTalk 2010 Cookbook Released

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  3. Abhishek says:

    Hi Abdul,
    I read the book and seen some problem with the solution approch,

    In chapter 2 there is a retry pattern which has been elobrated i tried to use the pattern it work fine in failed case but count variable get increase in case of sucess .Means if i try to insert data into SQL it will insert data and will try to insert again as loop will not terminate at te end.
    Duplicate entry will happen in this case .

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