BizTalk 2010 Web Console

I am very glad to announce the BizTalk Web Console version which is published on codeplex ( for public now.

The demand for the web version of the BizTalk Administration console has been around by the community so I decided to develop it.

Project Description
BizTalk 2010 Web Console allows administrators/operators to perform operations below from the browser.

  • Stop/Start/Restart Host Instances
  • View Status of Service Instances by applying queries to the group.
  • Stop/Start/Unenlist Orchestrations, Send Ports and Send Port Group
  • Stop/Start Receive Locations
    It works on Single/Multi-Server environment and has been tested on BizTalk Server 2009 and BizTalk Server 2010.



6 Responses to BizTalk 2010 Web Console

  1. Muhamamad Faiq Bakhtyar says:

    Great work Abdul Rafay (Y)

  2. Hi Abdul,

    I have tried it and installed it on my VM. I made blog post on BizTalk Web UI and discussed your tool too. It is a good start and has some basic capabilities from BizTalk Administration Console. Installation is easy and notes are straight forward. It worked instantly on my VM so I like to compliment you for that!

  3. Abdul Rafay says:

    Thanks to Steef my fellow MVP for using the tool and giving a nice feedback on his blog post.

    For people who are thinking that it is in competition or can be used in place of BizTalk360 definitely it is not designed and can have functionality of BizTalk360 but the BizTalk Web Console just provides the BizTalk Windows MMC functionality via browser.

  4. alirazazaidi says:

    Excellent Tool Brother, I used your article on my blog with your reference.


    Ali Raza

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