Orchestration not visible in BizTalk Application

I was working on the Dev-Lab02C in BTS2010Labs. I have been using WCF-SQL adapter since BTS 2006 R2, I don’t know the exact reason why I am doing this Lab but for the sake of completion and keep me self satisfied that I don’t miss anything in BTS 2010 before the exam. I want to go through all of the labs, tutorials, documentation and videos available (won’t do that practically) Smile.

Every BizTalk/.NET developer would be familiar with the Build Action property of each item in VS. With the BizTalk project the artifacts has two options BTSCompile and None (which are self explanatory). In order to use the WCF SQL adapter metadata has to be generated as I did for this lab.

I renamed the orchestration file and type as it was mentioned in the lab, I didn’t notice the Build Action property. I deployed the projects the orchestration was not appearing in the application. I deleted the application two times, verified the assembly was in the GAC, I checked the resources of the application it had the assembly as a resource so where was the orchestration?

I checked the type of the orchestration, Type modifier everything was fine. I saw the orchestration property it was set to Content. This is the first time I have seen this, I thought something new in BTS2010, I clicked the dropdown and there were only two “usual” options without Content. I tried to reproduce this again and again, now I regret that I would have taken a screenshot before changing it.

Well after changing it to BTSCompile I could see the orchestration in the application. Did anyone of you faced the same issue?

2 Responses to Orchestration not visible in BizTalk Application

  1. when compile option is not BTSCompile, the compiler assume that this is not a BizTalk artifact and skips it from compilation

    • Abdul Rafay says:

      Thats my point we only have BTSCompile option and None. The “Content” compile option came when I generated the metadata using WCF-SQL adapter. I tried to recreate the issue again but the other subsequent times I ended up with correct BTSCompile option. Did you face the same?

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