BizTalk Server MVP 2011

Since two years I am getting a great news of being Microsoft’s Most Valuable professional (MVP) on the new year. I thank my peers, community members, fellow MVPs, MVP Lead and Microsoft which honored me and recognized my contributions in BizTalk communities.

Last year I gained knowledge, experience and more insight in BizTalk which includes SWIFT accelerator, ESB Toolkit, worked with more adapters, developed some pipelines, lots of services etc.. In the beginning of the year I worked as a sharepoint developer/administrator but BizTalk turned out to be my destiny and I got a chance in a financial institution to be with a very good BizTalk team. We delivered successful middleware projects and had effectively used the combination of BizTalk, WCF and Windows Application Fabric technologies to follow the principles of SOA. 

Hope I have a more prosperous year and I continue to serve the BizTalk community more effectively with the best of my knowledge and experience.

7 Responses to BizTalk Server MVP 2011

  1. Randal says:

    Hi Abdul,

    Congratulations. Well done!!



  2. Great work Rafay. Lots of Congrats 🙂

  3. Abdul Rafay says:

    Thanks Usman and Randal.

  4. Hi Abdul,

    Congratulations and happy new year.



  5. Ammar says:

    Congrats Rafay. 🙂

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