MVP title suspended due to NDA

Three days back I went to the BizTalk forums and noticed my MVP tag was removed. I thought of some bug in the forum as the tag was entered after 45-50 days after getting my award so I couldn’t believe that something was wrong with my account. Then I went to my MVP profile and was happy to see that it was still there. I couldn’t login into my profile then certainly I noticed with my email a message saying “SuspendedforNDA-” with my email address and I was completely freaked out.

The NDA (non disclosure agreement) are for MVP’s to abide by the points in the agreement. I did accept the electronic version of the agreement but that agreement is valid upto 3 months which is over now. I was suppose to sign the hard copy of NDA which I was about to receive with my MVP award kit. Unfortunately I didn’t receive it. Why? Again the reason is wierd It was re-routed by my regional MVP lead as he received it from Microsoft. I was given the tracking number of the shipment company but that tracking number was invalid. You must be wondering what a luck I have 😀 I contacted the tracking company the first thing they ask is the tracking number which was invalid and they told me to contact the source.

I sent about 10 emails on the follow up of the award kit but at the end I gave up and since then the end result is here. My MVP title is suspended until I sign the hard copy of the NDA and send it back. There is a global MVP support email address for the MVPs which is the only point of contact other than the regional MVP lead. I was informed that I will receive another MVP award kit as I didn’t receive it. For God’s sake please find another way not that again. I know it will take 2 more months and on the forums where I like the MVP tag will come after another 2 more months. After that my MVP renewal time will come and the cycle will repeat again.

Please God, Please Microsoft help this poor MVP.

10 Responses to MVP title suspended due to NDA

  1. Why they can’t email it to you, you print it out and sign and send it back is beyond me?

    • Abdul Rafay says:

      I would really appreciate if this could be done. I was expecting them to do this as I was also told by my MVP lead on the phone that this could happen. Unfortunately I received an email from Microsoft that they will ship my MVP kit along with that I will receive my NDA which I have to send it back. Rest they told me to co-ordinate with my MVP lead. I will request MS to send me a digital copy as it is more reliable and fast.

  2. Ben Cline says:

    It seems like this would have to be a common problem – shipping to certain parts of the world is still not always easy. There must be something significant (security or legal) about the hard copy that they have to do this approach. Perhaps the package’s invisible ink disappears after 3 months. 🙂 Good luck on this – I do not know any way around it.
    You might try having it shipped to a friend at the Microsoft office in your country and pick it up there.

  3. Abdul Rafay says:

    Hi Ben,
    Its really frustrating. All of the things here are out of my hands and unfortunately I am unable to do anything about it.

  4. Mohammad Saad Shakil says:

    I don’t understand how to share my feelings about you regarding this issue.but to me it seems that “even the simplest turns out to be the toughest for you:D” And I guarantee your success out of every tough situation.May Allah blessings be with you and all the Good luck for your MVP title.

  5. Mikael says:

    On the bright side, you don’t have to sign a hard copy when renewed…

  6. Steef-Jan says:


    Mmmm caught in some procedural stuff. In my view your are still an MVP/Expert. Hope this situation gets resolved asap as you didn’t break any NDA rules.

  7. Nicolle Moser says:

    Hi Abdul-

    I am the global program manager for MVP Award Program and want to apologize for the roadblocks you have experienced with your hard copy NDA. We are working through your MVP Lead to get this resolved and I can share details with you directly if you’d like- please feel free to contact me directly if you would like. Again, on behalf of the program I apologize for the rocky start to your MVP award experience. Please know we are taking swift steps to get this situation resolved for you and will also see where we can improve in our processes going forward.

    • Abdul Rafay says:

      Hi Nicolle,

      Really appreciate the concern and your effort in resolving my NDA hard copy problem. We will be in touch through email to resolve this issue.

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