Enterprise Integration Pattern Part 4 – Splitter (Debatching multiple records)

In many business processes we receive a consolidated group of messages containing multiple messages inside it and we call it a batch. It is a common task to debatch each single message from the batch and process it separately. We can then transform or route these messages for further processing.

You can read more about Splitter pattern here.

This would be really common for people working on BizTalk for some time however on the MSDN forums I still find beginners running into problems with debatching and using xpaths. I had this in mind to have a blog post explaining debatching, however I have explained debatching quite a time on the forums. Guess from now on I will be redirecting them to this post.

This is an overview of the debatching orchestration.


The orchestration works in the following steps.

1-      First we count the number of items to debatch in the original message. We assign the count into an integer variable and use a count function in the xpath. Remember to copy the xpath of the repeating record node from the message schema.

TotalOrders = System.Convert.ToInt32(xpath(OrdersRqMsg,”count(/*[local-name()=’Orders’ and namespace-uri()=’http://Splitter.OrderRq’%5D/*%5Blocal-name()=’Order’ and namespace-uri()=”])”)); 

2-      Then we extract each message and assign it in the message of type single message. You have to create a new schema that would define the single message in the batch and in the construct shape assign the Nth message from the batch to the single message. I have used the position function in the xpath and specified the index throught the loop count variable which is incrementing by 1 in the loop.

xpath_str = System.String.Format(“/*[local-name()=’Orders’ and namespace-uri()=’http://Splitter.OrderRq’%5D/*%5Blocal-name()=’Order’ and namespace-uri()=” and position()={0}]”,LoopCnt);
SingleOrderMsg = xpath(OrdersRqMsg,xpath_str);

3-      Then we can process, transform or route these single messages. I have just placed them inside a folder.

One Response to Enterprise Integration Pattern Part 4 – Splitter (Debatching multiple records)

  1. Jaffar says:

    Have you thought about Exception Handling during splitting? I have a similar Orchestration which splits a large input XML, pushes it one after the other into Target System, if the second record fails for whatsoever reason, all records are lost. Have you had a scenario like this before?

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