Enterprise Integration Patterns Part-2 – Recipient List

In the recipient list enterprise pattern a message is sent to multiple recipients in the list through different channels. The recipient list inspects the incoming message determines the list of recipients based on the incoming message and forwards the message to all the recipients through different channels. You can read more about recipient list pattern here.

Determining Recipient List

From the impletation point of view in the first round the incoming message is inspected and then depending on the data the recipient list is determined. For this we create a parent orchestration who receives an order message and if the order amount is greater that 10,000 it forwards the message to its different suppliers for quote otherwise buys it from its favourite supplier. I have also applied the filter for recipients in the child orchestration. In the parent orchestration we have a variable amount which is passed as a parameter to the child orchestration. This variable determines the recipient of the message. The value of this variable is extracted from the incoming message.


Forwarding the message to recipients through different  channels

In the first part we use the parent orchestration in which a loop is started to call the child orchestration asynchronously using a Start Orchestration shape. A self-correlating port, the request message and the filter variable is passed to the child orchestration as a parameter. You can read more about self correlating ports in my previous post about Scatter and Gather Enterprise pattern. In the second iteration all the response messages are collected back using the self correlating port. Remember to set the child orchestration long-running scope timeout so that if the orchestration fails to return the message the parent orchestration does not waits for it. Then the response messages can be processed and a response can be returned back from the orchestration.

You can download the sample from here.

One Response to Enterprise Integration Patterns Part-2 – Recipient List

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Abdul, i liked your article. Allow me to leave a constructive comment: in the start orchestration, there is no port reference exchange, since the messages flow through the message box. All the rest is good

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