Microsoft announces BizTalk Server 2009

After the BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Microsoft announces BizTalk Server 2009 which will serve enterprises to build integration solutions with a more powerful Microsoft suite which is the main attraction for me to get my hands dirty with BizTalk Server 2009.
The main features which I found useful on the BizTalk Server Roadmap page on Microsoft’s site are below.

Enhanced development platform:
It supports the Windows Server 2008, VS 2008, .NET Framwork 3.5 and SQL Server 2008 which I think is a major change and will have advantages of the new advanced platform. The main feature of Windows Server 2008 is the Hyper-V virtualization which can also be a standalone product to use virtualization on their costly gigantic machines. The BizTalk Server 2009 Hyper-V guide is available for download. The ESB Guidance 2.0 is also available at Microsoft site and the ESB Guide package is available at CodePlex ESB page. With VS 2008 we have new features for debugging artifacts such as Maps, Pipeline components and Orchestrations. With SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services we can get more functionality out of BAM.

Unlike the release of BizTalk Server R2, BizTalk 2009 comes with two new adapters Oracle E-Business Suites and SQL Server, while there has been an enhancement in the existing adapters which I still have to explore.

Other Enhancements:
On the MS Roadmap for BizTalk Server page on Microsoft’s website you can see enhancements in B2B integration, SOA and web services, Device Connectivity and of course the enhancement in message processing by adding recoverable interchange processing support in the disassembling and validation stages in pipeline. There are also new queries for message tracking in the BizTalk Management Console.

 For more information read MS Roadmap for BizTalk Server.

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3 Responses to Microsoft announces BizTalk Server 2009

  1. Adil Mughal says:

    Nice stuff! Can you please give some introductory posts on BizTalk, I’m newbie as far as Biztalk is concerned!

    • AbdulRafaysBiztalk says:

      Hi Adil,
      You can find introductory posts on the internet. I can try to explan what it is. Microsoft BizTalk Server is a Middleware or integration tool that is used to integrate applications accross the enterprise and between different organizations. It is used to implement SOA between the applications and the services created by BizTalk acts as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). ESB is a logical Bus in the enterprise which abstracts the cross-connectivity of different systems integrated, which are tightly coupled with each other. For e.g. An internet banking application retrieves data from 5 different databases in the enterprise aggregates the information and displays to the user. Similarly a teller application at the branch does the same. If we make a service which takes the bank account no. as input retrieves all the databases and returns data to the calling application. In this manner a uniform interface is given to all applications and implementation is done at the middleware level which is easy to maintain and develop. In addition the development overhead is also at a single point.
      Moreover this is just one aspect of the BizTalk Server. It offers B2B solutions as well and can communicate over different protocols using it adapters such as HTTP, TCP, SOAP, SMTP, POP etc. Plus you can create custom adapters as well. There are many different adapters for integration with other systems such as Oracle, Siebel etc.

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