Important hotfixes for the biztalk oracle adapter

The important hotfixes that solved most of the problems that we were having are below. You can find all the hotfixes for the oracle adapter on the Microsoft Website.

2 Responses to Important hotfixes for the biztalk oracle adapter

  1. Jawahar Kandasamy says:

    These hot fixes are for Microsoft Adapter Pack 2.0 – Oracle Adapter Or for ODBC Adapter for Oracle

  2. Jyotsana says:

    I am sending a message in which the data for an element whose datatype in oracle db is NUMBER allows null in oracle DB.
    Our map has logic in which it checks for logical existence and thn map it wth tht element by using value mapping,if the file received has no value for this element thn it is checked by taking the inverse of logical existence thn mapping it to nil functiod which is mapped to the destination schema. test map gives correct output.
    But when we do end to end testing it gives. Us NULL ,EXCEPTION.
    I have tried almost everything,but I saw tht in orchestration debuggre the message which is sent to oracle database for Insertion has space in it rather than NULL value.
    Kindly suggest.I need help on this .

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